ER Chicago Med Review

Grit, Grime and Gore in the ER Chicago Med may not be quite as saucy and provocative as medical shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice. But that’s not to say it receives a clean bill of health.

Language issues are our first pathogen here, including “d–n,” “a–” and an s-word (in the uncensored version I streamed on Hulu). With regard to sexual content, we hear verbal allusions to it, see couples kissing and occasionally glimpse scantily clad women in lingerie.

Perhaps more problematic, albeit in a different category, is how graphic this show is. The ER can be a bloody, gruesome place and the camera spares little when it comes to showing us people’s injuries as well as giving us a front-row seat for wince-inducing surgical procedures. To top it off, Chicago Med UK also deals with tough, real-world issues, such as rape, assisted suicide, schizophrenia and drug use.

So even if it’s not as salacious as some of its peers, Chicago Med can still be a pretty messy place to spend an evening.

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