Exploring the Wonderful Markets of London

London street at the sunrise. View from Trafalgar Square to Big Ben at the sunrise.

Looking for a different shopping experience while in London? Head to the markets once your Gatwick Airport transfers drop you at your accommodation.

If you’re thinking of heading to London to get your Christmas shopping done, there are so many opportunities in the heart of the city. Once you land at Gatwick Airport, Airport transfers London makes it easy to plan a day or weekend retail excursion to the UK capital.

In Regent Street and Oxford Street you can find some of the trendiest and coolest stores in the world, but if you want something a little different, once you’ve arrived at your accommodation on the Gatwick Airport transfers, head to the less-frequented parts of the city. At any of the city’s well-loved markets, you can mingle with the locals and shoppers and enjoy the thrill of haggling for the best price.

Camden Market

One of the most popular markets in London is the ever-cool Camden Market. Jump on a bus or the Northern Tube line and head to this bubbling melting pot of colour and creativity. Firstly explore the many smaller shops, which are as unique as the people who live here. Then you can get to the business of trawling the markets by the canal where you’ll find fashion to blow your mind. The Camden Lock area is essentially three markets surrounding a courtyard, filled with street food vendors hawking a huge variety of exotic foodstuffs. Then you can visit the Victorian Market, with its array of vintage goods, and move on to the Horse Stalls, for a unique selection of shops, stores and characters.

Spitalfields Market

There are few more eclectic places to find some market shopping in the city than just a few blocks from Liverpool Street Station, in the heart of London. Here, the recent refurbishments mean that shoppers and stallholders alike are undercover year-round, and if you fancy having a cafe-style meal you can visit one of the many restaurants that surround the shops. While you’re in the area, head around the corner from Spitalfields to Brick Lane. Take the time to explore the range of street food options, where you can get a taste of virtually anywhere in the world. There are a host of wonderful vintage shops, where you can pick up that taxidermy squirrel you’ve always wanted, up-to-the-minute fashion and everything in between.

Borough Market

Before you jump on the Gatwick Airport transfers back to the airport, you must pay a visit to Borough Market. Located under the railway at London Bridge, this is one of the oldest food and farmers markets in the city. You can stroll along the aisles, get tasty treats of freshly made artisan street food and mingle with locals doing their weekly shopping. Be sure to pick up some of the local specialities and keep an eye open for well-known chefs and even the occasional movie star.

Quick and convenient Gatwick Airport transfers make visiting the UK capital for a shopping expedition a viable option. Certainly, you should visit the iconic shopping precincts around the city, but also take the time to delve into some less visited places.

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