Gatwick Airport

Why choose Gatwick Airport for accessing London? Starting with the efficiency of Gatwick Airport transfers there are many reasons.

If you’re flying into London, it’s probably fair to say that Heathrow is more likely to readily come to mind than Gatwick. Airport transfers from here, however, are generally faster, more efficient and easier to navigate. In fact, this underrated airport offers some exceptional opportunities for international travellers arriving in the UK.


The airport is located in Sussex, just to the south of the capital. Around 40 years ago, it was largely used by charter airlines running ‘holiday to the sun’ type flights, but over recent decades it has been hugely expanded to handle scheduled international air services.

Access to the capital

Getting into the centre of London couldn’t be easier. Firstly, there is a rail service from the airport directly into London Victoria station. Secondly, there is a whole range of Gatwick Airport transfers that will whisk you into the very heart of London on the excellent road network. In the other hand, taxi Reading to Gatwick is a reliable way to get into the airport.

Gatwick versus Heathrow

While it’s true that Heathrow Airport has a significant branding advantage, when you compare the two gateways to the capital on their individual merits Gatwick comes out particularly strongly. It’s worth considering the following.

• Heathrow is a vast and quite intimidating complex. It is almost a city in its own right and it can become exceptionally crowded – something that puts a huge strain on the facilities and its own transport infrastructure and related services.

• The road network around Heathrow is regularly reported to be one of the busiest and most congested in the whole of the United Kingdom. Delays getting to and from the facility are commonplace and can result in all sorts of connection difficulties.

• The western side of London now stretches right out to Heathrow Airport. That means that, with traffic congestion, a drive into the centre of London can be not only draining and lengthy but also far from picturesque! By contrast, Gatwick Airport transfers start in the countryside! The drive into London through the southern suburbs is likely to be faster, less stressful and rather more pleasing to the eye.

• Although the statistics of flight departures and arrivals are regularly argued, many people would agree that because the airport is smaller, it is also more manageable, and therefore flight delays due to congestion are rarer than at the larger Heathrow.

• If you need overnight accommodation, it’s likely to be easier to find and very possibly a lot more budget-friendly, and Gatwick Airport transfers are certainly easier on the pocket.

Do you have a choice?

Of course, depending upon where you are flying from and to, you may not have a choice. Some airlines may only use one airport or the other. However, the choice is becoming increasingly commonplace and, by shopping around, you may find a carrier that uses this smaller, more manageable facility.

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