How to Choose a Quality Drug Rehab

Rehab is expensive, and a quality rehab facility will have enormous expenses hiring a legion of psychologists, nutritionists, nurses, doctors and other addictions professionals; not to mention the cost of housing and feeding a group of patients. Most are in the business to make a profit, but the high costs of rehab are not outrageous when you consider the expenses in running a quality program.

Other rehabs also charge a lot, but offer you relatively little in return for your money, and are far more interested in your admission check than in offering you the kind of programming you need to have a legitimate chance of bettering an addiction.

So how can you know if the rehab you are considering is a good one?

There are a number of ways, but one of the best ways to differentiate between rehabs is simply by comparing the amount of individual therapy with a licensed psychologist or therapist on offer.

One on one counselling is enormously beneficial for anyone struggling with addiction, and it is also one of the most costly forms of therapy for an exclusive rehab in Cape Town. If you are getting significant one on one therapy for your money, then this is a very good indicator that the rehab in consideration is committed to offering you the kinds of programming likely to help you, and not only interested in lining their pockets.

If the rehab concentrates almost exclusively on 12 steps meetings, group peer therapy, or another group programming, but charges a similar amount for the rehab, they are probably charging too much, and their quality of service is likely questionable.

It can be hard to get concrete costs (costs of drug rehab) and programming information out of rehabs, but if you persist in your enquiries, they should be able to tell you how much one on one therapy you will be entitled too; and if they can’t or won’t, again, this is a very bad sign.

It’s more than a financial decision

Although you do want to get good value for your money, it’s far more than only a financial decision; and your life and your future happiness may well hinge on the outcome of a stay at rehab. The stakes are high, and you need to protect yourself from those unscrupulous operators who do not offer you much after promising the moon, and cashing your admission check.

Most rehabs are run by committed and dedicated professionals, truly working in your best interest; but there are enough rehabs that are not that you need to be careful, do some research, and get a drug rehab that’s going to work for you.

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