Moraira: Beautiful Villas and Beaches

The small coastal town of the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, Moraira is among the most picturesque and beautiful places in the entire European continent that is best known for its coastal outline with the mountains in the backdrop. Once settled as a small fishing village, Moraira has now become a beacon of vineyards in the region and giving tourists a fantastic delight with its perfect weather conditions and awe-inspiring backdrops of mountains. In recent years, the fame of Moraira has increased manifolds and is rapidly becoming a prominent tourist hub for voyagers from across Spain as well as the rest of the world. So, here we are introducing to you a destination for beautiful villas and beaches nestled on the scenic coasts of the Mediterranean Sea:

Best Time to Visit Moraira

Moraira is a year-round destination with fewer precipitations throughout the year except for the December which is known to be the majorly rainy season of the region. Though there is no offseason when it comes to Moraira, if you are planning to visit here at a budget price, then plan your vacations here in the shoulder season which starts from mid-October and lasts till the fall of March. This time is the most affordable time to have a vacation here. However, if you are looking for the best fun of this bewitching town, then plan your trip from April till October when you can witness the best of the city and enjoy the scenic beaches with dry and sunny days.

Best Attractions in Moraira

Many people get confused by the small size of this bewitching city of Moraira, but when it comes to the sightseeing, the captivating town of Moraira has plenty of attractions to offer. Places like Playa de la Granada, Les Platgetes, Playa del Portet, Torre del Cap d’Or, Castillo de Moraira, Cala Advocate, Moraira Park, Cala de Baladrar, Cala de la Llobella, Cap d’Or, Cala del Portitxolet, Caleta de I’Advocat and many more beaches that are really beautiful to stroll around and enjoy the picturesque natural bliss scattered all over the town of Moraira. Additionally, the outskirts of this town are really gorgeous and you will be amazed to set for a small excursion to the nearby mountains that look really stunning from distance.

Things to Do in Moraira

The best thing to do in Moraira is to hop across various beaches of the town that are really stunning and featured with the fantastic beauty of Mother Nature. The sandy beaches with the clear Mediterranean Sea in front and mountains in the backdrop are just amazing to explore. Additionally, there are plenty of activities to indulge yourself including scuba diving, skiing, swimming, snorkelling and more that will give you a refreshing experience of being in Moraira. You can also go and visit the wineries of the town that are quite famous across the Alicante province. The town of Moraira is also quite famous for its fishing, golf courses, go-karting circuits and many more sports that will give you a heavenly delight.

Food, Shopping and Nightlife Scene in Moraira

As stated earlier, the major history of Moraira is related to the fishing, hence the gastronomy of the town, as well as nearby regions, is entirely based on the fresh seafood. The delicious gastronomy of the region is really scrumptious as well as affordable and you can find many traditional dishes in the most prominent districts of the town including Carrer Haya, Ctra Cumbres del Sol, Avinguda de la Paz and many more. When it comes to shopping, the major markets like Mercado de Artesania, Rastro de Jalon, Mercadillo de Moraira, Rastro de Teulada and Mercadillo de Teulada are the best places for handicrafts, flea shopping and more. The nightlife of Moraira is quite vibrant and you will easily find plenty of bars and clubs open late till night.

Essential Information for the First Timers

For those who are visiting Moraira for the first time, it is important to know that the nearest airport for Moraira is Alicante Airport which is nearly a couple of hours of drive away from the city centre. Also, please note that the town is really small in size and have limited resources compared to other Spanish metropolitan cities. The wettest month of Moraira is December, so if you are planning to visit in around New Year or Christmas, you must pack your stuff accordingly. The summers in Moraira are moderate, however, the hte highest temperature can go up to 40 degrees. Since the prominent ingredients of the gastronomy of Moraira are seafood, vegetarians and allergic to seafood have to struggle a little to find suitable meals for them.

Once entirely based on its wine-making industry as well as fishing ports, the town of Moraira is now entirely based on tourism and majorly inhabited by the retirees. With a wide range of beautiful places and exquisite activities to entertain you, the city has become a perfect getaway destination in Spain. So, if you are ready to be amazed by the vivid dynamics of this scenic town in the near future, then start planning your trip and book your flights to Moraira and hotel stays in the town for a mesmerizing trip with great savings. Also, if you fall in love with it to check Villas for sale in Moraira and make it your permanent residency for summer.

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